Is traveling vineyard legit?

Absolutely a great company to work for. They make everything so easy to start and soooo easy to operate. The wine is incredible and has a very high price. Traveling Vineyard has good products and an interesting approach.

These aspects should make the company viable as a source of income. Even so, it's only a good combination for some audiences. Here's my interview with wine guide Laura Iosbaker about her experience working with Traveling Vineyard. I (Laura) work through Traveling Vineyard, which is a special direct sales company that allows people to earn flexible income by doing what they like: enjoying great wines with friends.

By contrast, Traveling Vineyard has a limited selection of wines without much variation in rarity or price. Some states only allow wine to be shipped from the winery that creates it, not from outside companies such as Traveling Vineyard, while others do not allow wine to be shipped. That's why when Traveling Vineyard approached me to write a sponsored post about their wine guide program, I jumped at the opportunity. However, if any of your contacts consider themselves experts or connoisseurs of wine, Traveling Vineyard may seem too simplistic.

Nine out of 10 Traveling Vineyard guests would recommend attending a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party.