When is vineyard season?

Grape Harvest Wine Tasting & The harvest at Finger Lakes Wine Country begins with the first crushing of the grapes, usually in mid-August. Depending on the weather and the quality of the fruit, the harvest can continue until November and even December and January for the prized ice wines. The length of the growing season is important for both the fresh fruit and wine industries. The longer the growing season, the more a chemical called fruit esters accumulates in the fruit.

These fruit esters give the fruit the aroma and flavor qualities: the longer the growing season, the better the fruit. We enjoyed the second longest growing season for grapes in New York State. Since summer is a popular season for wine tasting tours, you'll have the opportunity to network with more people. This can be great if you want to socialize while making new acquaintances and friends.

Wine tastings can also be great for professional mixers, depending on the event. For example, during the harvest in Napa Valley, there are so many vineyards that want to pick grapes on the same day that wineries often don't have enough staff. Because it's a little cooler and more humid, you'll often find fewer people visiting Paso Robles wineries and vineyards. Vineyard managers will check each week before harvest, and sometimes every day, to harvest every part of their vineyard at the right time.