How do traveling vineyards make money?

Sending personal volume of tasting events At each wine tasting event, you will market wine and earn personal volume based on orders submitted by hosts and guests. Then, we pay you what we call “marketing commissions or commissions”. The Guides act as an independent marketing team for the winery and the company. The short version? Executives make money from the start-up and training fees of their recruits.

Distributors are the source of income. For Traveling Vineyard, your sales are made by shipping orders. This means you don't need to buy bottles and then resell them. That mechanism is my favorite.

Having to resell only increases the complexity and expense you don't need. What is Traveling Vineyard? Traveling Vineyard is an MLM company that sells several wines. This company currently has more than 5000 distributors (called Wine Guides) and operates in 39 different states. It was founded by Rick Libby.

You should also note that you are receiving an exclusive, award-winning Traveling Vineyard wine at a slightly discounted price. By contrast, Traveling Vineyard has a limited selection of wines without much variation in rarity or price. As a Traveling Vineyard wine guide, you can try all kinds of new wines and become a true wine expert. Some states only allow wine to be shipped from the winery that creates it, not from outside companies such as Traveling Vineyard, while others do not allow wine to be shipped.

Traveling Vineyard is a direct-to-door wine company that gives you the opportunity to sell wine for profit from the comfort of your home. The Traveling Vineyard, a direct sales wine company, lets you enjoy your passion while earning a little money in your spare time. You can contact Traveling Vineyard once you run out of wine or need to refill anything else in your kit. However, if any of your contacts consider themselves experts or connoisseurs of wine, Traveling Vineyard may seem too simplistic.