When is the best time to visit a vineyard?

If you're looking for milder but pleasant temperatures, then spring and fall are your best options. Temperatures calm down a bit compared to summer and there are more activities than during winter. Spring is when the crowds start to return and things start to get a little livelier. In summer, the average daytime temperature is in the 90s, but nights bring cooler air.

Summer is the peak season for wine tourism, and roads and wineries tend to be crowded. However, the vines are full of grapes, which is a beautiful sight and the region is lush. Also in summer, the wine gardens bloom to the fullest and the colors are fabulous. Experts recommend observing the vineyards at sunrise or sunset for spectacular views.

Some wineries will do their best to accommodate walk-in visitors, but to make sure you have a spot, reservations are your best option. You can easily spend from a week to 10 days visiting the wine region surrounding Bordeaux, the city, and even combine an excursion to Cognac (to the north) or Armagnac (to the south). It's best to visit the winery's website or call them to see if they require or suggest reservations. October is the start of the white truffle season in Piedmont (and the truffle festival in Alba) and the ideal month to visit this gourmet wine region.

In addition, you won't find crowds of tourists even when you visit wineries in France or stroll through the cities. Andalusia (southern Spain) is full of life with local festivities and celebrations in April and a good time to visit Jerez, in the heart of the Jerez wine region. For us, one of the best wine countries to visit is France, as well as almost all wine regions throughout Europe, because the climate is very pleasant and mild. Many wineries (wineries) are located right in the center, and it is one of the few wine regions in Spain that you can visit without a car.

Even so, September is a wonderful time to visit, as the vineyards are beautiful and there is excitement in the air in the wine-growing villages with the start of the harvest. Wineries often change their rules, so I suggest calling to confirm that you can bring food from outside once you choose the winery you want to visit. Winters aren't too cold in Australia, making July and August the best time to participate in wine tastings. They are the only winery on Long Island that uses many of these grapes, although this is just one example of innovation in the North Fork wine region, a true highlight of any New York visitor guide.

Enjoy some of the most breathtaking views in the world while tasting some of the world's most incredible wines in iconic wine regions, such as Barolo in Piedmont, or visit Tuscan wineries.